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Canoeing on Churchill river, Saskatchewan, Canada

I am the Digital Norseman and your host of this little outpost in Cyber Space. This is where I share my thoughts about current and past times. Think of it as virtual voyaging: a convenient and exciting way to travel across time and space. I also now publish a blog over at

I have organized my souvenirs in a few choice bundles.

  • "Munin" and the BC Viking Ship Project

    I was Chairman of the BC Viking Ship Project in its first two years and thus had a small part in building the 40 foot long replica Viking Ship "Munin" which was launched in 2001 in Vancouver. Check out the collection of pictures from the building of "Munin" in the picture gallery.
  • "Munin's" 10th Birthday Celebration June 1-7, 2011

    Munin is celerating her 10th anniversary this summer. Check the event calendar here and join the crew, if you wish, to help plan, organize and carry out the celebration.
  • Viking Ships

    Here's a huge list of Viking Ship Replicas and ships inspired by Viking Ships. Some ships are no longer in service and some were lost or damaged beyond repair. Links have come and gone over the years, but this is the most recent I have.
  • The World of Vikings

    I grew up in Norway so it should come as no surprise that I take a personal and close interest in my ancestors, the Vikings. This section brings you some information about the Vikings and their culture.
  • Library

    The library is my collection place for stories, musings, papers, pictures and other collectables.
  • About

    If you're curious about this site or the Digital Norseman himself, I've put together a little background information for you here.
  • Contact

    Do you have a question, suggestion or request? Well, go ahead and send me an email.